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Welcome to the Roger Smallman & Co Ltd FAQ. Here our accountants have answered a handful of questions we commonly receive from clients in and around the Winchester area. If you have a question for us that isn’t answered below, we urge you to give us a call on 023 8022 2215. Our chartered accountants are well-versed in all forms of small business accountancy, from payroll systems to VAT returns and everything in between.

Roger Smallman & Co – Winchester FAQ

What are the benefits of your payroll management service?

Our accountants work with your Winchester business to ensure it runs efficiently and your employees are fully satisfied by offering a complete range of payroll management services . The Roger Smallman & Co team takes all the inherent confusion out of payroll management by providing a easy-to-understand service that meets all current HMRC requirements. We already provide affordable payroll management services to many clients in the local Winchester area.

By choosing Roger Smallman and Co to manage your payroll, you won’t ever have to worry about making difficult calculations, constant software upgrades and correspondence with either software developers or HMRC. We provide both the know-how and technology to deliver affordable payroll management services throughout Winchester that cover payments made at any required interval, from weekly to monthly. Our accountants handle all taxation, NI and BACS payments on your behalf.

We are immensely proud of the professional, confidential and flexible manner in which we deliver payroll management to SMEs across not just in Winchester, but the wider Hampshire area. Our services include payslip printing/net payment listings/online submissions to HMRC.

Can your accountants assist me with capital gains tax?

Yes. Our chartered accountants, based near Winchester in Southampton, can simplify capital gains tax, explaining it to you in a language you can understand. With our simple capital gains tax advice, you could reduce, delay or avoid payments completely. Based on your personal circumstances, our accountants review any entitlements you may have and work toward the goal of optimising profitability on any assets sold or given away with an increased market value.

We manage capital gains tax by calculating your exposure to what is essentially a voluntary levy. From there, we look at the different options available for restructuring your personal or business affairs to limit the amount of capital gains tax that you pay. Roger Smallman and Co undertakes the management of capital tax gain in full compliancy with HMRC legislation so that our own clients never have to worry about lengthy investigations.

What kind of accountancy systems do you work with?

A chief reason why we’ve grown over the years is our ability to adapt to constantly evolving accountancy systems. As a trusted team of chartered accountants near Winchester, we work with all of the top accountancy systems including both the Sage and Pegasus Capital payroll management systems. Our expert understanding of this type of software makes us a fantastic choice for all aspects of payroll management. We’re committed to making our own business as simple as possible, so whenever we speak with you, you’ll always understand exactly what we’re doing and not be inundated with needlessly complex jargon!

Our accountants are skilled in working with all system installed and web based applications so you can update your own financial records using accountancy systems that you’ve already worked with. If required, we can also help new business start-ups in the Winchester area with accountancy system advice so that financial management remains simple from the outset. We’ll even provide the help and advice you need to make a conscientious decision on all current and future accountancy system purchases.

How do your chartered accountants help Winchester businesses file VAT returns?

Every three months, we can help your Winchester business tally up total sales and purchases, the amount of VAT you owe, the amount you are able to reclaim and what your VAT refund from HMRC will be. If you have us on board as your accountants, we can remind you when VAT returns are due, and take care of all the paperwork involved. We’ll ensure you only pay what you need to pay, and benefit from any rules that allow you lesson your exposure to the tax.

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